DN Safety Group

“Our company has been a reference point for clothing, footwear and worker protection for a long time in our country. The quality and the wide range of our products and services, have impeccable service, competitive prices, human resources, cooperation with major foreign firms in Europe and the Far East are just the confirmation of the consistency and prestige of our company and what we have done in recent years. ”

“The continuous update on the technological development of materials and production methods, quality control, are the daily care of our Company. That’s why we created a new company, DNPROMO, a vertical printing unit equipped with state-of-the-art machines. So we are able to print and embroider your logo on everything you want. Then we expanded to a garment factory, which we always sew to your needs.

Our goal is to ensure our customers with the most reliable and proven solutions in the field of MPAs and Professional and Corporate Clothing and Advertising. ”

Our Company, continuing its efforts to provide the customer with the best service, created a new fabric cutting and sewing unit.

Now we can create clothes that cover all your special needs.

At the same time, we continue to print and emboss your logo on everything you want.